Dec 15

Behind-the-scenes: flooding and sea level rise maps

Climate change poses significant risks to New York City’s communities and infrastructure. Natural disasters, such as hurricane Sandy in 2012, remind the New Yorkers how vulnerable the city is to a range of climate hazards today and in the future. The New York City Panel on Climate Change (NPCC) estimates... read more →
Dec 08

CloudCities Update

The CloudCities development team just released a bunch of small but useful updates to CloudCities. Here is a list of what's new: Automatic terrain tiling on import Attribute editor directly on your assets Imports drop down on your scenes and assets pages to keep track of pending and previous imports... read more →
Nov 14

AU 2016 Demo Scenes

We are getting excited to see you soon at AU2016. Would you like to know how to visualize, edit, and publish interactive 3D model on the web? Just come by our AU2016 booth 2761. We have amazing demos for you that will show you how CloudCities can make your daily... read more →
Nov 10
Nov 10
Nov 03
Oct 19

New CloudCities Release with Advanced Editing Capabilities

San Francisco/Zurich, Oct. 19, 2016 — SmarterBetterCities today announced its new CloudCities release with web-based 3D data mashup and advanced editing capabilities. The new CloudCities is now available at CloudCities is an online platform for visualizing, editing, and publishing interactive 3D city models. It dramatically simplifies creating 3D plans... read more →
Oct 12
Oct 07
Oct 04